Gavon Mitchell

Born in Westchester, NY

Gavon Mitchell is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Singing and playing piano from a young age, Gavon developed his musical ear early. After studying opera in NYC for two years, he left to pursue his solo music career. Being raised on a slew of genres, from Iron Maiden, to Cusco, to Doc Watson, Gavon has an eclectic style of songwriting. His love for music and theory grants his songwriting a unique sense of harmony, rhythm, and overall musicality. A love of nature and curiosity into the human consciousness is showcased in his lyricism, often exploring the duality between the world outside ourselves, and the one that exists within. His lyrics go from raw and relatable, to etherial and pondering.

Gavon Mitchell plays guitar, mandolin, bass, keys, and sings. When performing solo, he prefers the “one man band” setup, bass drum on the right foot, tambourine on the left. He is currently working on recording and releasing multiple singles, and his debut EP, by the end of 2022.

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